SA Farm Safety

SA Gun Laws

Gun laws and your responsibilities

Important Legislation Changes Saturday, 1 July 2017 marked the day that the new Firearms Act 2015 and Firearms Regulations 2017 became operative in South Australia. The new legislation imparts important obligations and responsibilities on firearm licensees. It is important every licensee and licence applicant familiarise themselves with the legislation. The changes will require some licensees

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Is your farm bushfire ready?

Bushfires and grass fires are a serious threat to farmers. A fire can wipe out years of hard work in a moment. While it is impossible to eliminate the risk of fire, farmers can introduce measures to reduce the threat. A Bushfire Survival Plan should be an integral part of an overall business management plan,

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Safety First when digging – Dial Before You Dig

Dial Before You Dig is a free service that puts farmers planning to dig in contact with owners of underground pipes and cables that may run through and around rural properties. It is essential to lodge an enquiry with Dial Before You Dig before any excavation work as the presence or location of underground assets

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What is LPG?

LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas – describes flammable hydrocarbon gases including propane, butane and mixtures of these gases. LPG, liquefied through pressurisation, comes from natural gas processing and oil refining. LPG is used as heating, cooking and auto fuel. In different countries, what is supplied can be propane, butane or propane-butane blends. In 7 LPG

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What tools can help you improve your operation?

Australian farmers are some of the hardest working people in the country. You work long hours, making it a challenge to keep up to date with the latest technologies available. There are so many products on the market that could help you in your daily lives, but which product is the right one? Always stay

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