Smart irrigation for your farm

According to National Geographic, 80% of the world’s fresh water is used for irrigation, and 60% of that water is wasted through evaporation, leaky channels and mismanagement. Therefore successful irrigation design is essential to know how much water should be applied to crops and how frequently. The design of the system needs to effectively deal

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Typical soil composition using X-Ray Fluorescence analysis - Pie Chart

Soil Results – a simple interpretation

Are you striving for a healthy soil … that maximises sustainable plant growth and plant health, has sustainable biological activity, stores and cycles water and nutrients, decomposes organic matter, binds toxic compounds, and protects water quality while enhancing catchment health!?! Have you heard of Biological Farming? Biological Farming takes a whole-of-farm approach to managing soil

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Bridge the gap

Precast concrete bridges are highly economical, quickly constructed, durable, safe and can be constructed in days rather than weeks which is great news for farmers needing to traverse rivers, creeks, irrigation channels and ditches. Almost all farms have creeks, water ways or gullies that form a physical barrier between two otherwise connecting paddocks. These barriers

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