Get the Best Possible Farm Connectivity with Regional Internet Specialists

With more-and-more vital services moving towards digital access, farms and agricultural businesses increasingly require the best possible, reliable internet connection.

Often one service is not enough, with connectivity required at multiple buildings on one property. Activ8me are experts in regional internet services, especially in ensuring farms have adequate connections to meet their needs.

The Australian-based team at Activ8me can add additional buildings to the nbn Service Registry in Wireless and Satellite areas, allowing for free installations of additional services on a single property (with a limit of one service per building).

Adding multiple services on each property means sheds, dongas, out-buildings, and worker accommodations can access different internet services, paid for by themselves or as part of one business account. Each service includes free standard installation and no cost for the nbn equipment.

Regional Fibre, Satellite and Wireless

Activ8me offers a wide selection of internet connections, depending on what nbn technology type is available in your area. Many Aussies don’t realise that the nbn is available where they live; with free installation and nbn equipment, even in the most isolated parts of the country.

No matter where your farm is, Activ8me has an internet service for you.

With free standard installation and no cost for the nbn hardware, there are no hefty charges to get multiple internet services installed by a qualified technician.

No matter how remote your location, qualified technicians are available to come to you.

Introducing Uncapped Video Streaming on Satellite before 4pm

Exciting changes to Activ8me’s Sky Muster PLUS plans finally offer satellite users uncapped access to ALL online activities until 4pm each day.

While nbn may shape traffic to slow speeds where required to ensure fair access to the network for all services, for the first time on satellite, users can access video streaming services (like Netflix, ABC iView and Kayo) as much as they want before 4pm without running out of data.

These changes make a HUGE difference to how much data services can use each month, in addition making schooling-from-home and running a farming business much more affordable.

While great for video streaming services, these changes also significantly impact business tools and IoT devices, which are becoming more prevalent in the agricultural industry.

Farms can now access remote monitoring devices, including video feeds from cameras or cloud-based platforms, each day until 4pm without potentially using up their monthly data allowance.

With many IoT tools operating through in-app VPN networks, farmers can use these services daily until 4pm without using their monthly data allowance.

The only activities that count towards the monthly data allowance are Video Streaming and VPN use from 4pm until Midnight (local time).

All Activ8me Sky Muster PLUS services automatically had these changes applied from 1 July 2022.

Sky Muster PLUS plans start from $49.95 per month, with no joining fees and on month-to-month contracts.

Changing over to Sky Muster PLUS from another provider is a simple and easy process, whether you’re on a standard Sky Muster plan or already on Sky Muster PLUS.

For full details on the new Sky Muster PLUS, visit Activ8me’s Sky Muster PLUS page or to see what services are available on your property.

Alternatively, call our Aussie-based team on 13 22 88 and let our team do the hard work for you.

Article kindly supplied by Activ8me.

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