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European wasp surveillance season wraps up on a high

The European wasp surveillance season has wrapped up with a significant decline in nest detections and distribution – indicating marked progress towards achieving localised eradication. European wasps are one of the world’s worst social pests, which …

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Queensland fruit fly Quarantine Area expanded

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is ramping up its program to eradicate the serious agricultural pest Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) from Perth’s western suburbs. A Quarantine Area Notice, which has been in place …

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Bluetongue virus zone extended south

The bluetongue virus (BTV) transmission zone has been extended approximately 100 kilometres south and inland following detection of BTV in cattle in the Shoalhaven area during routine testing for the National Arbovirus Monitoring Program (NAMP). NSW …

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Protecting Victorian Horticulture From Fruit Fly Impacts

Victoria’s key fruit production regions will continue to be protected from the destructive impacts of Queensland fruit fly with an extension of funding from the Victorian Government. Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes today announced a further …

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New guides boost fight against truffle pests

With the Western Australian truffle harvest well underway, commercial truffle growers have been making the most of new guides designed to strengthen their pest management practices. Complimentary hard copies of the Australian Truffle Orchards – Pest …

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