Firearm Safety

“Get to, know your firearm; become thoroughly aware of the way it works and how to look after it properly.”

National Firearms Safety Code

  1. 1-  Treat every firearm as being loaded.
  2. 2- Your firearms are your responsibility.
  3. 3- Always ensure your firing zone is clear and identify your target beyond all doubt.
  4. 4- Never point a firearm at or near another person.
  5. 5- Never load a firearm until you are ready to shoot.
  6. 6- Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  7. 7- When you have finished shooting remove the magazine (if fitted), unload and then check that the chamber is empty.
  8. 8- Make sure that all firearms are transported securely to prevent misuse or theft.
  9. 9- Never allow unauthorised access to your firearms or ammunition.
  10. 10- Do not climb fences or obstacles with loaded firearms.
  11. 11-  Encourage safe and responsible handling of firearms in the field, on the range and within the community.
  12. 12- Never mix shooting with alcohol or drugs.
  13. 13- Understand the operation of your firearm, keep it in good repair, and always use the correct ammunition.
  14. 14- Never store firearms and ammunition together. Ensure they are safely locked away when not in use.
  15. 15- Be familiar with the legal requirements for safe storage, firearms ownership, possession and use in your state or territory, or in the state or territory you are visiting.
  16. 16- Dispose of unwanted firearms lawfully. Surrender them to the police or sell them to or through a licensed dealer.

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Observe this code ~ insist others do the same.

Article Kindly provided by SSAA.

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