Succession Planning

“Succession planning – protecting your business, your estate and you” You may be surprised to hear that in a recent Family Business Australia survey less than 30 per cent of family businesses indicated that they …

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Inheritance Disputes

It is an unfortunate, but all too common, scenario that upon the death of a family member – usually a parent – the spouse or children of that family member are left fighting over who …

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Investing in machinery: will it do the job?

A large investment for any business is the purchase of machinery and equipment.  With more sophisticated technology available every year, not only are there increased costs involved with purchasing the machinery, there is also a …

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Unfair Terms in Farm Contracts

We are continually amazed and frustrated by the tendency of farmers, even large and successful farmers, to sign contracts without reading them or trying to negotiate unfair provisions of the contracts. Few business people, in …

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Unfair Contracts in the Agribusiness Industry

ACCC commissioner Mick Keogh announced in 2016 “imbalances in bargaining power are particularly common in agricultural supply chains and the ACCC wants farmers to be aware of new protections”. All new and renewed standard form contracts …

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