What to look for when selecting your borehole pump

When selecting a solar borehole pump many questions come to mind other than just, what’s the price? The location of where a typical borehole pump is installed outlines a need to factor the quality, reliability, efficiency and installation flexibility as key decision drivers.

Saving a few dollars on an inferior quality product could result in many hundreds or even thousands of dollars spent lifting and re-fitting a complete pumping system when a cheaper or inferior model proves inadequate for long term use and reliability.

Selecting the right borehole pump can be a difficult and very confusing task, especially with so many options currently available. Typically speaking, the system design, component materials and the specific individual application must be considered when determining which durable and reliable system you need.

All Bore Hole systems consist of two primary components, the Wet End Pump and the Motor. Ensuring that the two halves operate in unison, providing a long and problem free life time. Some key points relating to these are outlined below:

Wet End – There have been many product improvements in recent times. There has been a switch from fixed impeller stacks to superior floating impeller stacks. These utilise wear rings and allow for easier starting in abrasive conditions, creating less wear and tear. The materials that the impellor and diffusers are comprised of must be a high quality, wear resistant material such as glass filled Noryl. With all of these key components housed in a stainless steel body you can be confident that your borehole wet end will cope with the harsh conditions that these units are required to work in. By finishing off your installation with a pre-fitted non-return valve on the discharge head you will prevent any potential water hammer and reverse flow through the pump itself.

Motor – The other half of the consideration is the choice of high quality motor. A key aspect of motor longevity is ensuring that the motor remains cool when operating, and a significant advancement with this has been through the use of encapsulated stators. The stators have been filled with resin, which helps to avoid any potential damage to the rotor or shaft during extended periods of use. Additional lubrication of the motor and thrust bearing system is provided through a water and glycol mixture housed within the unit itself. These key factors help to keep the motor in prime operating condition at all times. Another factor is a high efficiency motor to make the most from the available sunlight. The motor is a brushless DC permanent magnet type utilizing rare earth magnets for highly efficient performance and is supplied with a versatile multi-function controller.

When selecting your next Borehole pump, ask yourself…. This pump could be installed at the bottom of a 50m hole. How often do I want to be pulling it out? Quality, durability and reliability are paramount!

Article kindly provided by DAB Pumps – White International Pty Ltd.

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