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The Dial Before You Dig service plays a very important part in farm safety. Dial Before You Dig is the free national service designed to prevent damage and disruption to underground pipe and cable networks around Australia.

Being a farmer, you may know that enquiries are easy to lodge online at (mobile device compatible) or by calling 1100 during business hours. If you are planning any kind of work on your property that involves digging, such as fencing, planting, constructing a dam or shed, or even burying life stock you should contact Dial Before You Dig.

But safe excavation is not just about getting the plans!

Once you have lodged your enquiry with Dial Before You Dig and received the plans, you should also ensure you work safely once on site. To ensure you are excavating safely when digging on your property, there are several key messages that need to be considered.

Key messages to remember when excavating:

  • Asset owners send you information directly, generally in the form of plans. They also provide contact details within their response should you require further information or onsite assistance. If you need assistance, let them know!
  • Follow any instructions provided by asset owners. These are often found in Duty of Care Statements accompanying plans.
  • Look for clues that underground infrastructure is present, such as marker posts, water meters, inspection points and warning signs.
  • Use the services of a DBYD certified locator to identify assets. Where appropriate and safe to do so, it is the excavator’s responsibility to visually expose the cable or pipe using hand tools.
  • Plans provided by asset owners detail the presence of underground infrastructure rather than the exact location. Remain mindful that plans generally do not show the entire domestic connection.
  • Take note of any required permits.
  • Be aware of any exclusion zones around assets.

Always remember Dial Before You Dig and these key messages. Visit to lodge your enquiry and for more information on excavating safely.

Article kindly provided by Dial Before You Dig.

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Dial Before You Dig is a Not for Profit organisation that delivers a vital national community service designed to assist in preventing damage and disruption to Australia’s vast infrastructure networks which provide essential services we use every day.
Protecting Australia’s infrastructure assets is crucial in keeping essential services such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications flowing to the community.Dial Before You Dig