Safety First when digging – Dial Before You Dig

The Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) service plays a significant part in farm safety. DBYD is a free national service designed to prevent damage and disruption to Australia’s underground pipe and cable networks. If you plan to do any work on your property that involves digging, such as fencing, planting, constructing a dam or shed, or even burying livestock, you must use DBYD.

Being a farmer, you may know that enquiries are easy to lodge online at au. The recent launch of the Next Gen DBYD service has made lodging an enquiry even easier. The new service offers improved useability and extra functionality that all will appreciate. There is better and more up to date mapping, estimated wait times for plans are provided, there is dashboard functionality for all and easy access to previous enquiries. And this list doesn’t include all the new features!

The launch of Next Gen also sees the release of new DBYD iPhone and Android apps that make it simple to lodge enquiries on the go.

But safe excavation is not just about getting the plans!

Once you have lodged your enquiry with DBYD and have received the plans, you need to work safely once on site. To ensure safe excavation when digging on your property, please follow the 5Ps of safe excavation.

The 5 Ps of Safe Excavation

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Article kindly provided by Dial Before You Dig.

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