New green roof for saleyards


A new green roof for Warrnambool’s South West Victorian Livestock Exchange will save potable water and help the business attract nationwide trading.

The Victorian Government has announced it will fund nearly $430,000 towards the $969,581 project that will meet enhanced environmental and welfare standards.

The new roof will be installed over dirt pens and will use organic soft stand flooring to enable separation of stormwater rainfall from cattle waste, generating clean water that can be reused on site and reduce the use of potable water.

The livestock exchange in Warrnambool generates approximately $34.1 million each year for the regional economy and is currently the largest stock selling centre in south-west Victoria.

Investing in the design and construction of a new roof shelter will support the region by driving business and employment in the agricultural sector and cement its status as a leader in livestock exchange by placing a greater emphasis on quality and export control action provisions.

Source: Regional Development Victoria