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New tool for farm safety around powerlines

Powerlines are a significant potential hazard on rural properties. To assist farmers and other farm workers in safely planning their work, mapping of South Australia’s electricity distribution network is now available online. The digital mapping website and app will help improve safety for anyone working around or near SA Power Networks’ overhead infrastructure. Read More...

Setting up Powerlines

Are you prepared for the worst?

Power lines are vital for supporting our modern life. But they also are one of the most hazardous things on rural properties – just one moment of carelessness around them could have tragic consequences for you, workers on your property or even your family. A range of power lines cross South Australian farms and all of them are potentially deadly if contacted or if you get too close. Read More...


Seeding - a time to be aware of safety

The period of March to June is an exciting time with renewed hopes as many farmers get their crops seeded and underway. But it also is a dangerous time on the farm. “People would be surprised how often we respond to electricity outages that occur during seeding activity on farms,” said Paul Roberts, Corporate Affairs Manager for SA Power Networks. Read More...


Seeding a dangerous time on farms

In the period of April to June many broad-acre farmers will be working to get their crops underway. While it is a promising time it is also a dangerous moment on the farm. Powerlines are a common sight across South Australian farms and rural properties, with SA Power Networks’ distribution network comprising ... Read More...

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