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The Galloway breed is a very old Scottish breed. It is the oldest known British breed on record and the oldest known polled beef breed in the world. Galloways have a double layer of hair, the inner layer being shorter and softer than the outer layer. This unique double coat makes the Galloway an extremely versatile breed, able to withstand extremes of temperature and climate. The colours of Galloways are black, dun, red and white. They are long-living, very resistant to disease and easy to manage and they create strong hybrid vigour due to the purity of the breed. The carcase of the Galloway is of excellent quality, with high yields.

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Article by Galloways Australia Inc

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Galloways Australia - The Source of Galloway Greatness

Galloways Australia, formed in 1999, is a breed association protecting and promoting 3 totally separate cattle breeds. The original and ancient Galloway, the Belted Galloway, a Galloway Lakenvelder composite, a breed since circa 1690 and the White Galloway, a Galloway White Park Shorthorn composite, first bred around 110 yrs. ago. Read More...