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When you place your trust in DW Fox Tucker, we won’t let you down. From the outset, we’ll align our thinking with your strategic and commercial objectives. We’ll keep you informed of legal developments and issues that may impact your business. We will go out of our way to be accessible and available when you need us. When asked for advice, we will be clear and pragmatic. When you need a rapid response, we will be prompt. We can also assure you that this will apply irrespective of who or where you are. Every client matters.

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Inheritance Disputes

It is an unfortunate, but all too common, scenario that upon the death of a family member – usually a parent – the spouse or children of that family member are left fighting over who should get what from the deceased’s estate. Read More...


Succession Planning

“Succession planning – protecting your business, your estate and you”. You may be surprised to hear that in a recent Family Business Australia survey less than 30 per cent of family businesses indicated that they have a formal succession plan in place. Read More...

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