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Activ8me is an Australian internet service provider (ISP) that offers various internet connectivity solutions.
Activ8me was founded in 2005 with one mission: to connect every corner of rural, regional and remote Australia with world-class broadband internet and phone services.

Our aim is to empower Regional Australia through offering internet and phone services at metro-comparable prices, speeds and service. We’re proud to be behind a number of Australian firsts through our efforts to reach that goal and we continue to actively work towards it to this day.

Business Description

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Getting the Best Internet on Your Farm, including Completely Unmetered Data on Satellite Internet

With so many vital services requiring digital access, farms and agricultural businesses, just like any other business, require the best possible, most reliable internet connection. Read More...

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Get The Best Possible Farm Connectivity With Regional Internet Specialists

The Australian-based team at Activ8me can add additional buildings to the nbn Service Registry in Wireless and Satellite areas, allowing for free installations of additional services on a single property (with a limit of one service per building). Read More...

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Cybersecurity: It’s What Your Farm Needs

The business of farming has changed a lot in a relatively small amount of time. The use of technology to improve profitability, to better utilise resources, and to gather data with which to make decisions has grown significantly. Read More...

The Future Of Farming Will Be Internet Driven

With predictions of significant population growth and the impending demands on Australian farmers to increase their production in order to meet our needs, the importance of utilising new technologies to make smarter decisions and allocate farming resources efficiently is of the highest priority. Read More...

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