Energy efficient solutions for your farm or business

Energy management and energy efficient solutions are a sustainable way forward, firstly by analysing energy requirements creates awareness of your needs. Using a renewable energy source like solar power is an option to help meet the demand.

A grid-connected Solar PV System

The Solar PV System is connected to the grid. It will supply the farm or business first and then exported to the grid automatically. Solar systems are designed to meet client’s electricity consumption, expectations and budget.

Self-Use Solar Powered System

Self-Use Solar Powered Systems are connected to the grid and battery to maximise self-use. The system uses the solar energy on site first, then stored in batteries. This creates energy for later use. Consumption of energy in most households occurs in
the evening, while most solar energy is generated during the day, batteries can fill this space. If a brown out or black out occurs the battery will maintain electricity supply instantly. In a bush fire emergency situation the self-use system can supply
power for pumping and essential services if the grid is disconnected.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Off Grid Solar Power Systems are not connected to the grid or the electricity supply. An off grid solar system is calculated to meet the demand of the property. This is achieved by designing the system to cover all conceivable uses of power, for homes,
sheds and pumping etc. There will be a battery system in place to store the renewable energy and also be a generator on automatic standby for extreme loads, dull days and at night if required.

Solar Pumping

Solar Pumping can be designed for new or retro fitted to existing installations. Three phase motors up to 600kW and single phase supply up to 4kW. These systems are perfect for irrigation reticulation, centre pivot irrigation, lateral irrigators (including
three phase flood/surface irrigation pumping), subsurface irrigation and sprinklers. You can also replace old windmills with solar pumping.

Hydrogen Fuel from the sun

We can now take free electricity for the sun and produce hydrogen (locally on site) which can be stored long or short term and then converted to electricity when required, with zero pollution caused during this power generation. The “exhaust” is simply
a small amount of water vapour. Hydrogen is a clean gas and is not harmful to the environment, it occurs naturally.

Article kindly provided by Glynncorp Electrical.