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Dial Before You Dig is the national referral service for information on underground infrastructure. It puts those who intend to excavate in touch with underground asset owners who are Members of the Dial Before You Dig service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the service work?

Free Dial Before You Dig enquiries can be lodged online at www.1100.com.au (mobile device compatible), by downloading our iPhone app or by ringing our national call centre on 1100 during business hours.

After lodging your enquiry, Dial Before You Dig send you a Confirmation Sheet which provides details of the asset owners affected & enables you to ensure the recorded dig site is correct. The asset owners will then send you information (generally plans) detailing the location of their underground infrastructure within the vicinity of your dig site. This will also include information on how to work safely & carefully whilst excavating in the vicinity of underground assets.

2. Why should I use the service before I begin excavation?

We all need to do our best to ensure we do not damage Australia’s underground infrastructure. Underground pipes and cables carry vital services such as water, electricity, communications and gas.

Damaging these can cause widespread disruption and in some cases isolate entire communities from these essential basic services. There is also the risk of personal injury and incurring significant financial penalties if you damage underground infrastructure. Dial Before You Dig is therefore the essential first step of safe excavation. It is a quick and free service so it makes sense to use Dial Before You Dig for every project that involves digging.

3. Who should use the Dial Before You Dig service?

Anyone who is intending to excavate should lodge an enquiry before commencing. If you are planning any kind of works on your property that involve digging, such as fencing, planting, constructing a dam or shed, or even burying livestock, you should contact Dial Before You Dig.

4. How much does it cost to obtain a location plan?

Lodging a Dial Before You Dig enquiry is free. In some instances underground asset owners may charge for the provision of infrastructure information. This is not common and is normally only for large development related enquiries or planning/design enquiries where no excavation is taking place.

5. What type of information is provided?

Underground location plans are sent by asset owners and they provide information on the presence of underground assets. However, they do not always pinpoint the exact location of the cables and pipes. Utilities provide contact details and other information to assist with working safely around their infrastructure. On site locators can also be organised if necessary, and can be free of charge depending on the service provider.

6. What else do I need to do to prevent damage?

Once you have lodged your enquiry with Dial Before You Dig and have received the plans, you should also ensure that you work safely once on site. This should include looking for clues that underground infrastructure is present, such as marker posts, water meters, pits, inspection points and warning signs. Dial Before You Dig is the essential first step. Lodge your enquiry, receive the plans, but also follow safe work procedures on site.

For more information on excavating safely please visit www.1100.com.au.

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