Celebrating the rich tapestry of life in the Australian Outback


As a renowned rural photographer and author, BEFA Entrepreneur of the year, keynote speaker and TED Talk presenter, Alice Mabin has astonished readers with her best-selling publications and photographs that celebrate the rich tapestry of life in the Australian Outback.

At a national level she is passionate about influencing the agricultural industry to stand up, be proud and get on with the challenges of securing our future for generations to come. Her agricultural books and videos make you think twice about the way “life has to be done”. Alice Mabin’s unfailing persistence and tenacity is inspiring. She is right – life is too short not to do what you love.

She believes that part of the solution is inspiring people to believe that what they do matters, that they are appreciated, and that we are all connected to each other in ways that make us interdependent. She helps bridge the city-country divide by showing how interconnected we all are. Intertwining the adventures and revelations of life in Al’s typical cheeky style, she helps people to uncover what it really takes to be successful in an everchanging environment.

Recently she teamed up with Agricultural magnate John Nicoletti- donating 4000 copies of The Grower books to schools across Australia. This represented the largest private donation to the education system. Each set is valued at $200.

“I grew up in a marginal area in the wheat belt of WA, I’ve probably seen more droughts than good years but I still managed to put together a big chunk of land,” Nicoletti said. “I want to encourage our young people, if we can give 10 or 50 or 100 people the inspiration to get out there and have a real crack – this is what it’s about.”

“I saw the passion and perseverance that Aussie growers put into their animals and produce, but I also saw the disconnect between this industry and the people who are fed and clothed because of it,” Mabin said.

“I knew I needed to somehow bridge that divide between those who are involved and those who aren’t, the country and the city, and get recognition for our farmers and John took it one step further by making sure as many school kids as possible can get their hands on these books. Ag is the heart of our country, and with these books, school kids will get a better understanding of how and why that is.”

This month she releases her new book, The Winding Road. A behind the scenes look at the production of her four books The Drover, The Driver and The Grower series, while intertwining secrets to uncovering your brilliance, fulfilling your dreams and creating success, even when you don’t know how.

Article kindly provided by Alice Mabin.

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