Buying an ATV

Buying an ATV can be a difficult decision, with such a wide range of utility and sports models with varying engine size, wheel base, seat configuration just to name a few considerations. And in a tight economy, you rely on making the right decision the first time.

What do you need and want?

What will you be using your ATV for mainly? Will you be carrying a load? Do you use it for work and play? Will you be carrying passengers? The activity you want out of your ATV will help you decide what few ATV’s to consider.
You may also want to consider more than just your primary work.
Taking your ATV out for a ride, not unlike trail biking, outside of work is a growing recreation,  which may be something you want to take part in and you may want to ensure the model you choose will take you there.
The terrain you will be taking your ATV should also be a consideration. A 4×4 capability may not be necessary for more moderate terrain. Look at the tyres to ensure they will be able to take on the ruggard nature of your property.

Research before you shop

Like any work or personal vehicle, understand what you are purchasing. With a number of brands and models on the market, take a look at manufacturer’s and dealer websites for initial information about the products and allow you to compare specifications. Also ask friends and colleagues for advice, as well as searching the internet for product reviews.

Arctic Cat Are No Newbie

If you have attended any of the major field days over the past 12 months, read the local news or performed any serious research into ATVs and Side by Sides, you will have likely found yourself afore a large range of new dominant vehicles flying under the banner of ‘Arctic Cat’.
The bold green brand was relaunched in Australia in February 2013, backed by Australia’s leading independent motorcycle and accessories importer, distributor and retailer, PS Importers.
While Arctic Cat Australia travels far and wide signing up dealers in rural and metro towns across Australia, attending field days and operating local demo days the feedback has been overwhelming. “Arctic Cat probably had a stronger brand awareness in Australia than we initially anticipated, there are many customers out there who are thankful to see Arctic Cat back in Australia in a big way” commented Arctic Cat’s Brand Manager, Simon Gloyne.

“For those who haven’t heard of Arctic Cat, let me tell you some interesting facts about this American household name.  Arctic Cat was established in 1962, with a heritage dating back to the introduction of motorised snow sleds and is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ATV’s and Side by Sides. Based in the tough climatic region of Thief River Falls, Minnesota Arctic Cat has always ensured their vehicles are built to the highest specification. In the states, the brand is known for their slogan ‘Built Right, Right Here’.” Gloyne adds.
The proud American brand started manufacturing ATVs in 1995 and now presents a comprehensive range of over 24 ATV and UTV models available to Australian farmers and recreational sports enthusiasts.
“The brand has grown significantly in the first 12 months, now with 22 dealers covering all states Australia wide, and a new expansion venture into New Zealand.  The Arctic Cat product isn’t a hard one to sell; these high spec units are class leading in so many areas complimented by a host of features you would expect from a leading American brand.” Gloyne continued.
The range of models is expansive to say the least, from 90cc to a whopping 1000cc V-twin ATV, a diesel ATV unit, twin seat ATVs, tilt tray ATVs, competition Mud Pro models as well as class leading tilt tray, long wheel base, Side By Side vehicles with certified ROPS cage, and unbeatable payloads.
Arctic Cat’s American Made ‘Prowler’ line-up offers a range of engine sizes to suit your needs from 500cc to the ultra powerful V-twin 1000cc Prowler.  Since the brand’s initial resurgence into Australia in early 2013, three popular models have been available. The Prowler 550 XT and Prowler 1000 XTZ (V-twin) are two passenger vehicles running on a short wheel base offering a host of features as standard including:

    • Electronic 2/4WD
    • Electronic front Diff Lock
    • Hi-Lo range, Full Automatic CVT belt drive transmission
    • 680kg tow capacity
    • 272kg tipper tray
    • Bucket Seats with three point harness
    • Certified roll cage
    • Linked Disk braking on 14” rims
    • Power Steering on Prowler 1000 XTZ model only

To compliment these two great features, Arctic Cat now offers two Heavy Duty Prowler vehicles in both a 500cc and a 700cc single cylinder configuration. The Heavy Duty, or “HDX”, range offers a:

    • Longer wheel base
    • Larger Tilt Tipper Tray Capacity (up from 272kg to a massive 453kg)
    • Easy conversion from tub to flat bed tray
    • 3 passenger bench seat
    • Power Steering on Prowler 700 HDX Limited model only

With an extensive range of optional accessories, an Arctic Cat Prowler is the perfect farm hand.  Consider kitting out your Prowler side by side with an optional roof, windscreen, gun scabbard, heater, winch, and you will have a utility vehicle that will go almost anywhere, offering you comfort, flexibility and efficiencies in your day to day duties.
If you’re in the market for an ATV or Side by Side, consider it a must to explore the range which is all built to comply with the demanding ANSI/SVIA 1-2010 Safety Standards. See the range and find your nearest dealer today at

Article kindly provided by Peter Stevens Motorcycles.