Australian Alpaca Association

Originally Peruvian, alpaca have been farmed for 7,000 years. Today, alpaca and alpaca products enjoy renewed favour around the world.

Alpaca are a robust, easygoing and water-wise camelid species, with soft, roo-like feet and efficient food conversion habits. Clever and foxresistant, they are successfully used by graziers to protect sheep and lambs.

The fleece is fine, soft, and high performance, and has a luxurious feel beloved in fashion. Chefs and gourmets revere alpaca meat for its healthy low fat content, and unique, subtle flavour.

Farmers in Australia have quickly taken an international lead, despite having started just 25 years ago. Today Australia tends some 170,000 registered animals, possibly the largest herd outside Peru. Australia has leveraged its Merino industry knowledge to add new value to an ancient livestock, and our elite bloodlines are now keenly sought and commonly exported.

The Australian Alpaca Association (AAA) is Australia’s peak professional body, supporting and representing breeders and nurturing industry development. Members receive access to support, knowledge and resources to help grow their businesses.