Farm signage

Good, clear signs on your farm can prevent a lot of heartache, from expensive litigation to potentially saving a life. Here are the sorts of signs every farm should consider:

Perimeter signs

Police in New South Wales recommend displaying ‘no trespass’ warning signs on your boundary – particularly unfenced or non-gated boundaries – to clearly indicate that it is a private property. This will deter illegal hunters, shooters and other intruders.

Internal signs

Police also recommend displaying warning signs announcing monitored security alarm systems on sheds and houses, or ‘beware of the dog’ warnings on gates, to act as a deterrent to thieves.

Conflict zones

Does a public road run through your property? Does your driveway run through a paddock where livestock might be gazing? Put up warning signs to alert drivers that livestock might be crossing the road.

Chemical safety

There are strict State-by-State rules for the storage of pesticides and other chemicals on farms. In Victoria, for example, signs stating ‘chemical store – keep out’, ‘authorised staff only’, ‘no smoking’ and ‘no naked flames’ are required on the storage area entry point. Inside there should be a sign reiterating ‘no smoking’ and another clearly identifying the ‘spill kit’. If it is a major storage site a ‘HAZCHEM’ sign may be required. Make sure you comply with State rules.

Fuel safety

Flammable and combustible fuels present a real hazard and there are State regulations about the required warning signs. In Queensland, for example, stores of more than 100 litres of flammable liquids require signage announcing ‘danger, flammable liquid’ and ‘no smoking, keep fire away’. Make sure your signs are compliant with Australian Standards.

Hazard signs

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Warning signs declaring your dam is shallow and ‘no diving’, or that drivers should slow down over cattle grids, or that a piece of machinery has moving parts could make all the difference if an accident were to take place and you find yourself in court.

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Dangerous animals

‘Beware of the dog’ signs are more than just a deterrent, they’re also a safety warning. If you have dangerous animals on your property, like dogs or bulls, install warning signs to alert people.


Is biosecurity an issue for you? Ensure warning signage is large and clear enough to be seen from your property boundary to help prevent the spread of diseases, pests and weeds.

Protective gear

There are many locations and jobs on a farm that require protective gear to be worn. Install signs to remind workers to wear earmuffs, goggles, gloves, ventilation masks, full face masks and other protective gear
as required.

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