Covering a Crop of Potatoes to Covering your Excavators!

August 11, 2016

Portable protection for stock feed to farm machinery

Heatwaves are one of the most important climate-related risks for Australians. Sometimes called the “silent killers”, they cause a great number of issues in Australia, and have significant impacts on infrastructure, agriculture and biodiversity. As the climate continues to warm, heatwaves are becoming hotter, longer and more frequent.

Avoiding inclement weather is a never ending battle and Shelters are a perfect portable solution to protect your possessions from damage caused by rain, hail and sun.

Some of the many examples shelters have been used for……Protecting  vehicles,   farm machinery,  boats,  trucks, caravans,  even  parking a helicopter under a 12m wide container shelter or storage for stock feed, silage, shade for water troughs,  pallets, chemical and fertilizer storage, use as a spray painting  or blasting booth, or for workshops, maintenance bays, or breeding butterflies, they can even house your animals ! Portable chicken roosts and laying boxes even take one on your fishing trip and use as a communal shelter.

Popular with gardening enthusiasts, some smaller shelters come with shade or hothouse cover options – perfect for growing all year round.

A Shelter is the perfect option and can be significantly cheaper than a good quality shed.

If you need to cover it, store it or work under it, a shelter on your property is a solution for you. Have Machinery and no more shed space a free standing or a container shelter allow the machinery to be stored away from our harsh weather.

Shelters are a reliable, durable and easily relocatable structures. They provide an instant affordable solution for all workshop and storage needs. They can be a DIY installation using a few simple tools or assembled by experienced contractors.

There are a number of models available that range from 5.3m2 size to over 288m2 in size. Most models are in stock and ready to transport to you immediately. Shelters have fully galvanised frames and long lasting fabric covers, that are waterproof, UV stabilized and flame retardant.

Article Kindly provided by Shelter Station.

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